A Twitter History of Duntocher Hibs

The first documented football team in Duntocher were the Rovers, active in the mid 1870s playing the likes of Bowling and Dalmuir.

1886-1887 Duntocher took part in both the Scottish and Dumbartonshire Cups, going out in both tournaments to teams from Dumbarton.
1887-1888 Duntocher Union took part in the Dumbartonshire Cup losing in a Second Round Replay to Dalmuir Thistle, 2 v 2, 4 v 6.
1888-1889 Duntocher Harp formed with a home at St. Helena Park, Hardgate. Green shirts, blue shorts. They won the Buchanan Charity Cup.
1889-1890 Harp lost in the County Cup Second Round at Methlan Park. In the Scottish Cup Second Round they lost of Vale of Leven Wanderers.
1890-1891 Harp played friendlies and reached the County Cup Second Round losing 2 v 10 at home to Dumbarton. Won the Buchanan Charity Cup.
1891-1892 Clydebank 3 v 1 Harp in County Cup First Round. Reached the Third round of the Scottish Qualifying Cup. Won Buchanan Charity Cup.
1892-1893 Duntocher Harp did not take part in the County Cup and their involvement on the Qualifying Cup was limited as football in the area struggled.

1893-1894 Duntocher Hibernian (Juveniles) first reported 10 v 2 over Castleton. Unbeaten season. Harp 1 v 4 Dumbarton in County Cup Final.
1894-1895 Duntocher Hibs won the Harp sports. In the Vale of Leven and District Juvenile Cup. Won 18 v 3 against Dumbarton West End 2nd XI.
1895-1896 Harp folded. Hibs as Juveniles, took over Fore Park from Harp. Hope public will “patronise Hibs as they did the Harp”.
1896-1897 Duntocher Hibs turned Junior. Won the County Cup. “What may be termed the local derby with Yoker Athletic.”
1897-1898 Duntocher Hibs sports. Played in Western League. On New Year’s Day beat Old Kilpatrick 12 v 2. Played at Hillend. Won County Cup.
1898-1899 Duntocher Hibs in Western League. 2nd XI Duntocher Woodburn. Played at High Lusset Park. Won County. Scottish Semi-Final.
1899-1900 The schism. Duntocher broke away from Duntocher Hibs. Fore Park. In Western League and won Clydebank and District Junior League.
1900-1901 Quiet season. Clydebank and District League (Bowling United, Clydebank Corinthians, Dalmuir, Hardgate, Milngavie, Yoker Athletic)
1901-1902 In a new Glasgow league with Yoker Athletic, Benburb and Cambuslang Rangers. Limited newspaper coverage.
1902-1903 Won County Cup. Second season in a Glasgow league. Big rivalry with Old Kilpatrick.
1903-1904 Dumbartonshire Junior League. Played in the Highland Games Committee Tournament. Fourth round of Scottish.
1904-1905 Western League with Renfrew Victoria, Benburb, Yoker Athletic and Ferguslie. Lost to Hardgate in Scottish.
1905-1906 Dumbartonshire Junior League. Hardgate opened their new pavilion at St. Helena Park. Linesman Costello out for year.
1906-1907 Dumbartonshire Junior League. Put Yoker out of Scottish. County Cup game with Clydebank played as a friendly - ground too hard.
1907-1908 Ground issues. Glasgow Junior League Second Division. Third - P28 W20 D2 L6 F91 A41 Pts 42. Yoker title. Division axed.
1908-1909 Scottish Junior League. 11 of 12. P19 W2 D4 L13 F20 A62 Pts 8*. Suspended with three games left. Playing at Castle Park.
1909-1910 Duntocher Hibernian reported defunct.

1910-1919 The village was represented by Duntocher United as various levels as Juveniles and Amateurs.

1918-1919 Towards the end of the season, with the War coming to an end, there was talk of a revival of Duntocher Hibs playing at St Helena.
1919-1920 The Hibs were back. SJL Second Division. Beat Twechar Rangers 1-0 to win the Charity Cup. Also won Victory Consolation Cup.
1920-1921 Won Charity Cup beating Croy Celtic 1-0. Lost in a SJL Playoff to Shawfield.
1921-1922 Won both the County and Charity Cups, beating Dumbarton Harp twice, 2-0 and 5-1 respectively. Now in the SJL1.
1922-1923 Won their first league title - Scottish Junior League. beat Renfrew 3-0 to win the Charity Cup. Won the Clydebank District Cup.
1923-1924 Won the SJL West Division. Lost the League playoff 0-2 at Clydeholm against Baillieston. Won the Clydebank District Cup.
1924-1925 Beat Dalmuir, 2-1, to win the County Cup at Kilbowie Park. Also won Victory Consolation Cup. In SJL West.
1925-1926 SJL1. Rift with Seniors reported in November. General Strike in May. County Cup Final Duntocher Hibs 3 v 2 Clydebank Juniors.
1926-1927 SJL1. Possible new ground behind the Public School mooted. Peter McGonagle signed for Celtic, went on to play for Scotland.
1927-1928 The Intermediate Dispute. The Juniors would keep their best players. Scottish Intermediate League West. 13th out of 20. CJ2 YA15.
1928-1929 SIL West, 10/18. YA3 CJ7. P34 W 14 D 5 L 15 F 72 A 85 Pts 33. Work starts on new ground at Glenhead in Duntocher.
1929-1930 SIL West, 13/18. CJ1 YA3. P34 W 11 D 4 L 19 F 59 A 81 Pts 26. Last year at St. Helena, Hardgate. The Duntocherites were home.
1930-1931 SIL West, 15/16. YA1 CJ8. P30 W 6 D 4 L 20 F 45 A 82 Pts 16. Glenhead open. Intermediate dispute settled.
1931-1932 Central League formed. West Div. 15/16. YA1 CJ7. P30 W 8 D 8 L 14 F 48 A 66 Pts 24. WO in Scottish - Twechar Rangers scratched.
1932-1933 Central League West. 14/16. YA5 CJ9. P30 W 6 D 7 L 17 F 60 A 85 Pts 19. Lost County Cup 4-8 on aggregate.
1933-1934 Central League West. 11/14. YA1 CJ7. P26 W 8 D 7 L 11 F 48 A 58Pts 21. Two points deducted. Lost to Clydebank SJC1.
1934-1935 Central League. 5/26. CJ1 YA3. P50 W 26 D 9 L 15 F 147 A 112 Pts 61. Batons at Croy, shut for three months, Hibs got points.
1935-1936 CL. 17/26. CJ3 YA13. P50 W 19 D 9 L 22 F 137 A 127 Pts 47. P21 by the end of August. Fined breaching Junior-Juvenile agreement.
1936-1937 CL(W). 16/26. CJ10 YA13. P37 W 13 D 8 L 16 F 85 A 90 Pts 34. Beat Clydebank in the County and Dumbarton Harp in the Charity.
1937-1938 CL(W). 12/13. CJ6 YA8. P40 W 10 D 7 L 23 F 90 A 129 Pts 34. Suffered 8-1 defeats at the hands of Clydebank and Yoker Athletic.
1938-1939 CL(W). 14/14. CJ5 YA10. P40 W 6 D 6 L 28 F 49 A 101 Pts 18. Beat Dumbarton Harp after a replay to win Charity Cup.

1939-1940 CL(E). WWII broke out. Clydebank and district a banned area along with Glasgow, Dundee, Edinburgh and Dunfermline.
1940-1941 Duntocher Hibs suspended operations for the duration. Glenhead severely damaged during the Blitz by a landmine.
1941-1942 Financial issues caused some issues for the dormant club.
1942-1943 German POW’s playing football on parts of Glenhead

1945-1946 In March their was a fundraising dance. It was announced that the club would restart playing at New Kilbowie Park, Clydebank.
1946-1947 Struggled in their comeback season. League operated split seasons. Finished bottom. No games in Feb-Mar due to weather.
1947-1948 Still at NKP. Much better League performance. Three cups County, Charity and Renfrewshire-Dumbartonshire.
1948-1949 Back at Glenhead Fri 27/08/48. Players still being demobbed. 11-0 win over Petershill. Beat Clydebank to win County Cup.
1949-1950 Sam English new coach.Only 400 at Christmas game with Baillieston (6-2 win). DH5 5/16 CJ 1 YA 2.
1950-1951 English organising fundraisers. Beat Benburb 1-0 in the Central League Play-off = Champions.
1951-1952 Ninth CJ 12. W. Bone played in every position. Lost Smyllum Cup to St. Anthony’s (0-7).
1952-1953 DH 5/16 CJ 1 YA 12. New Pavilion opened 14/03/53 beating Clydebank 2-1.
1953-1954 Eighth CJ 2. Lost by the only goal in the West of Scotland Cup Final to Kilsyth Rangers. Won County Cup beating Yoker Athletic.
1954-1955 Second CJ 9. 100,000 attended the SJC Final and replay at Hampden. After the 0-0 first game Kilsyth won replay 4-1. Won County.
1955-1956 Seventh in League. Sixth round in Scottish. Three cups County, Charity and Renfrewshire-Dumbartonshire.
1956-1957 Second CJ 8. Central League Cup winners beating Johnstone Burgh. Scottish Semi at Muirton lost 1-3 to Banks o’ Dee. Won County.
1957-1958 Beat Parkhead in Central League Play-off. Champions. Jimmy Wilson Coach, former player. Won County, Charity and Smyllum Cups.
1958-1959 Fourth CJ 14/16. A financial issue. Long spell of bad weather. Lost two leg County to Yoker Athletic 2 v 5.
1959-1960 Sixth YA 7/18. Built new enclosure. 9 v 1 win over Dennistoun Waverley. Ex-officials reported to be starting new team.
1960-1961 Sixth. General malaise in the burgh - teams facing challenges. No trophies. Bad winter.
1961-1962 Fifteenth/16 CJ 7 YA 12. WOSC beat Nithsdale Wanderers. Beat Gourock 10-0. Dire warnings on future.
1962-1963 Fourteenth/16 CJ 5 YA 12. No games between 25/12 and March 9th. No officials for SJC3 - a friendly. Pat Crerand. Dodgy outlook.
1963-1964 13/16 CJ 9 YA 8. 1000 at first game. Won County Cup 6-1 agg Clydebank. Winter “blues” again. Bankies last season before merger.
1964-1965 13/15 YA 11. Only two junior clubs left in burgh. Many amateur players. Bobby Harvey selected for Scottish Junior Amateurs.
1965-1966 Eighth/14. April 22 very worried. May 6 unclear. May 20th disbanding.

1966-1967 Only Yoker Athletic left as Juniors in the burgh of Clydebank.

1972-1973 Drumchapel Amateurs reported to be going Junior under the name Duntocher Hibs.

1973-1974 Back. CLDC 4/14. Bye SJC1. Lost at Pumpherston SJC2. Promoted.
1974-1975 CLDB 9/14 Got to SJC3. Played in Red Hackle Cup, Whitbread League, Dryburgh Cup - common theme for sponsors.
1975-1976 CLDB 1/14. Promoted. Season ticket £3. Membership £1. Admission 20p. Boys 10p. Pools. development fund. Friendly with Partick Th.
1976-1977 CLDA 10/14. SJC4 2800 saw 2-0 loss at Yoker Athletic after dispensing with West Calder, Dunbar and Lochgelly Albert.
1977-1978 CLDA 5/14. SJC4 lost 1-2 Kilsyth Rangers after a bye and disposing of Clackmannan and Auchinleck Talbot. Long winter lay-off.
1978-1979 CLDA 8/14 SJC3 lost 1-2 Baillieston. First Round bye then won at Montrose Roselea.
1979-1980 CLDA 14/14 Long dismal season. Lost SJC1 at Annbank 3-6. Financial challenges reported despite all the fundraising efforts.
1980-1981 Only Yoker Athletic left as a Junior team in the burgh. Again.

2009-2010 Talk, and only talk, of Duntocher Hibs being reformed by Drumchapel Amateurs.


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